3D visualization for professionals

architecture in 3D

Casa 3D creates photo realistic and detailed presentations of houses, offices and all types of buildings for architects and project managers.

interiors in 3D

Casa 3D creates impactful experiences of interiors, producing photorealistic and detailed presentations. It is a game-changing asset for stylists, architects, project managers and manufacturers.

products in 3D

Casa 3D creates photorealistic 3D visualizations of many different products for their creators and manufacturers – from complete homes to furniture and consumer goods.

For stylists and interior designers

Casa 3D is indispensable for stylists and interior designers, amongst many others. We manage each project, collaborating every step of the way with its creator: Casa 3D produces an initial 3D visualization of the client’s ideas and inspirations. Once this design is approved, Casa 3D enhances it further, with meticulous attention paid to lightning and the smallest details. The results are photorealistic renders, video’s and walkthroughs.

For architects and project developers

Casa 3D works with architects and development companies using 3D visualizations to share their ideas with potential clients and buyers. A 3D visualization is much more convincing than a 2D technical drawing, as it creates an incredibly realistic and compelling experience. Casa 3D closely collaborates with clients to produce a presentation as close as possible to the designer’s concept.

About Casa3D? They have unrivaled knowledge, empathy, a flexible approach to opportunities and problems, pro-activeness, accuracy, perfectionism, professionalism and much more!

Gerry Ansems – Gewoon Bijzonder

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