The most intense way to experience design

Recent advances in virtual reality technology make it possible to experiment with how a concept or design will work on a practical level, and at nearly all kinds of budget. Using virtual reality glasses, or even an ordinary smartphone and with a pair or cardboard virtual reality glasses, it’s now possible to fully experience the new realities of design. When you show your clients a virtual reality experience created by Casa 3D, the comment that you are most likely to hear is: “it’s was as if I was really were there!”.

Standalone virtual reality

Casa 3D can create a series of stereoscopic 360 degrees images for a project, and without any additional costs. These 3D, 360-degree stereoscopic images are then sited within a 3D environment, giving an impression of the product so realistic that it seems you can, for example, reach out and touch the chair that you’re viewing. This kind of remote virtual reality is incredibly accessible cost-wise, and a powerful sales tool for architects and interior designers.

Realtime VR

One step up from remote virtual reality is real time virtual reality. In this scenario, an interior or exterior becomes a photorealistic , real time setting. It even becomes possible for a client to walk through a setting that is complete to the last detail. For larger spaces or a combination of outdoors and indoors, real time is a particularly convincing method to sell a concept to a client. Real time virtuality can also be used to create convincing and attractive videos., in fact the video on the right shows the high degree of realism that can be achieved by using real time virtual reality.

3D VR fotografie

Thanks to the current technological capabilities of virtual reality, 3D photography, with its depth and realism, adds an extra dimension to completed projects, and can grab the attention of potential buyers and clients. An object or design concept can be seen in any setting and it will appear to the viewer that they are actually there with the product/design! Casa 3D has developed its own, exclusive technique to place 360 degrees, 3D pictures (stereoscopic) in real settings. These highly engaging images can be seen using virtual reality glasses, or even with a smartphone and cardboard virtual reality glasses – an impactful, cost-effective and highly engaging solution.


Please visit this link where you can view many 360 degrees and 3d images – when seen with virtual reality glasses these images are truly spectacular! We would also be delighted to demonstrate the commitment grabbing impact of 3D virtual reality presentations. Please contact us for more information.

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